Solid GoPro helmet mount

My solid helmet mount

After watching a friend lose their Gopro from their helmet on a deep powder day, I tried to work out a way to secure mine in a way that would never come off.

The 3m adhesive that is on the back of the mounts is quite strong, and put on a clean surface should stick quite well, but I was still a little hesitant. If you don’t have the rounded mount, or the J shaped part, you can get them in the GoPro Grab Bag of Mounts.

I have watched a few people knock their go pros (and mounts) straight off their helmets when they hit hit a branch while snowboarding through trees, which was another thing I wanted to avoid.

Rather than mount the Gopro on the very top of the helmet, where it is more likely to hit something, I decided to mount it on the front of the helmet, and then secure the mount in a way that will never come off.

I was not worried about modifying my helmet, and as happy to have the mount permanently stuck there.

Solid GoPro helmet mount

I drilled two holes in the mount, then used a large drill bit to countersink, so that the screws would sit flush with the mount, and cause no problems sliding the Gopro on or off.

Countersuck screws in GoPro rounded mount

I cut a little of the polystyrene out from the back of the helmet, then used two of these things (apparently called t-nuts) which give a good wide grip on the polystyrene, and still allowed me to do them up tight.

T-nuts on back of helmet mount

Combined with the vertical j mount, this setup seems to work quite well. I prefer having the weight of the Gopro over the front on the helmet rather than the top.

GoPro mounted on the front of a helmet with the J mount

One weakness is that you might not be able to fit a Gopro case with the screen, or the battery backpack.

Side view of front mounted GoPro

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